Virtual learning bank

Powered by artificial intelligence

About Us

We combine technology and gamification to create digital learning platforms for the bank of the future.

Through our high fidelity simulators we shape bankers' behaviour by allowing them to learn and test their skills in the same environment in which they will operate.

The platform is adapted to the way millennials learn by enabling game mechanics to which they are familiar from the most popular online games.

We track and gather data on every interaction the player has with the platform. This data serves for objective behavioral analysis and it is used for personalised feedback and performance prediction.

Sales & Trading

Traderion Sales & Trading platform is a gamified financial markets simulator: Equities, FX, Bonds, Commodities

Our approach

The users learn and test their skills in the same environment in which they operate

Gamified mechanics, real life scenarios, Artificial Intelligence

Personalised feedback for users, predictive analytics for L&D managers


Training time and costs reduced up to 50%

Engaging candidate experience, higher quality talent

1000+ played sessions


Virtual simulated bank to address cumbersome regulatory requirements


New MiFID regulatory framework comes into force from January 2018

The financial industry must adapt to regulatory changes affecting bankers

Our platform adds value in three ways:

  • Training Effectiveness
  • Enhancing capabilities
  • Reducing compliance risk
Banker Simulator Client classification Appropriateness & Suitability Compliance Portfolio management Algorithms Execution orders Investment research & Market news

Risk Profiling

Traderion Risk Profiling platform will help you define, assess and detect key behavior that can propagate risk within your organization.

Identify the behaviour you are interested in assessing

Create a scenario in which the participants can display that behavior

Distribute the game to your target groups in the company

Analyse the results, create your company's risk heatmap




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